1 Minute Ponziani Trap

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  1. I just had this in a game. He took the pawn and i took with the knight. Then queen out then knight back guarding the bishop. Lol. That line. Theres a good study on it on lichess. Its the one with a shit ton of likes. My opponent resigned after move 12 and i had 98.5% accuracy. Almost feel bad. D6 is a big no no. Now i have to go remember everything for black but i usually just play the pirc

  2. One rook is taken and Other one is in danger after we take q they take knight we are taking rook if they save their Rook we are gonna take bishop Pawn Ziani😌

  3. We can't teach this to Frank, it is too cheeky. He will play it every game and try to force it.

  4. bruh the moment we make any move like taking a rook its checkmate queen to f2 is a checkmate

  5. 𝔸𝖒𝖕𝖍𝖎𝖙𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖊[JustGotIsekaid] says:

    What if opponent decides to play bishop d7?

  6. What do you mean when saying "there's no way your opponent can get in the way" after bishop B6?? I see 4 pieces that can block and have backup 🧐

  7. My 500 ELO dumbass: What do you do after promoting?

    Me later realizing it's a royal fork: Surprised pikachu face

  8. Im a chess noob so I don't understand when you say there's nothing your opponent can move to block. Why can't he block with pawn, bishop or queen? Lol. I'm. So lost. Help!!!

  9. Be careful with this. If they block your bishop check with knight c6 and you still go for your pawn promotion, black has mate in one with queen f2

  10. That’s cold 🥶but what if queen takes pawn. Nvm I didn’t notice king was in check 😂

  11. Putting the knight there is a little bit dangerous… Happens to loose the game within 10 moves.

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