16 Year Old clutches Magnus Carlsen! #shorts

This was his first time playing Carlsen in a classical game 😎

Video: ChessBase India

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245 Комментарии

  1. In the end when the king ate the rook that Magnus sacrificed Magnus could've used the Bishop to kill the pawn and by doing so the king has no move but to stay in the safe spot and if Magnus put the rook on top it's a checkmate since if the king tries to eat the rook he can't since there's a Bishop and if you double check the king can't move anywhere it can't even move down cuz it will be check by the pawn if only Magnus did this he could've won 😅😅😅

  2. आकाश🕉️-The lord of the sky ♥️uM&D•. says:

    Why he drawn? Mukesh could take his rook then pawn and he would protect his pawn on a1 from being taken by bishop and promote it.

  3. i always have this stress while watching chess games in YT shorts if i get to see the end within the video..

  4. Why did they draw with so many pieces left? What's the deal with analysing. What's the point?

  5. Why is it always Magnus vs Hikaru or Magnus vs Indian guy in YT shorts ?
    Nobody else reaches finals ?

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