Are You Attractive?

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230 Комментарии

  1. I actually thought for a second that you are asking me if I am attractive in looks..💀💀

  2. On the second one Bd6+ instead of Ra8+ also works because Bd6+ Nc7 Bxc7+ and whatever black plays Ra1 is mate

  3. Well… I attracted the king with a bishop taking pawn so my queen can take their queen for free…

    And that's how I got my first brilliant move.

  4. During the 1st part of the video, I was like WTF. Then I was like, now we are talking!

  5. Wait a minute the last one happened to me when i accidentally check mated my opponent by moving the rook

  6. You can also sacrifice the bishop instead of the rook at the second puzzle can you show it tu us😢😢😢😢

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