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230 Комментарии

  1. With the discovered checkmate, my dumbass would have used the discovered check to capture the queen

  2. Who's the loser who wanna attract girls, when he can attract the foe's king like an Adonis?

  3. Okay I might be wrong but
    For the second one,after sacrificing your queen, can’t you just move your bishop into check? It’s faster isn’t it?

  4. Is it wierd… That I thought this was really gonna be one of those type videos…

  5. guys not to be a oversmart dumbass but in the second position after qxb8 isnt BD6 forced mate in two?

  6. "It's checkmate"
    Black rook that's standing next to white knight: I'm 'bout to end this man's whole career

  7. Well not trying to flex myself but I do this kind of stuff sometimes and also they only work sometimes😅

  8. Well in the sec position after queen takes rook takes Bishop D6 check rook takes then rook A8 is also mate

  9. Imagine never seeing a chess video in your life and you somehow stumble upon a chess video you think that is about how to get girls and tips etc.

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