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  1. Very smart, you started with the end of the clip so it truly loops perfectly, not the somewhat annoying loop technique that is normally done

  2. Not only did I beat martin this morning (as usual) i also destroyed "Fundy" (1500) and I'm a casual player without any ranking.

  3. Before it was an unwinnable game that relied on the cpu actively making consecutive wrong moves. A player with >800 rating could beat a grandmaster with that many queens.

  4. Just wait until martin has a whole chess board of queens its an immediate check in just a nano second

  5. It would be a really funny move if martin suddenly gets an insane ai like mittens and changing his plot to: "you are mature now and martin wants to challeng you." or something like that. xd

  6. In other words, Martin in chess is now the exact opposite of Martin in Pokémon.

  7. I SWEAR. Martin was dirt easy before, but now?

    He actually has a brain.
    I don't lose to him, but like, i don't complete walk all over him. And that scares me.

  8. they making him harder as he sees you less like his kid and starts trying harder, my prediction, he will eventually play like the mittens ai and become the final boss of chess

  9. Hi It was 400 comments I felt bad that it might somebody with 400 elo so I made it 401 comments.

    Thanks Me later

  10. the only reason Martin is better now is because we’re better, he just lets us win most of the time

  11. I'm too embarrassed to say how many times I watched this before I realized it was a loop.

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