Chess = Girls

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  1. "So we'll start with e4, e5. Knight f3, knight c6. Very traditional stuff. Now white plays bishop b5, this is the Ruy Lopez or the Spanish game, here you'll play f5 which is the schliemann variation or the Jaenisch gambit of the Spanish game. White captures, you capture like this to open your queen. If white takes this pawn, now queen d4 to counterattacks like this. Lotta players here will give you this check. Now after you block with the pawn they cannot take you, because if they take your rook, the queen is protecting from far away, and if they take like this attacking your king, you slide over. And you're just winning the game in 8 moves. You're welcome 👍"
    Me:"uhuhu, wait what?"

  2. i always think the video is about girls talking but then you come up and i go what the hell!

  3. The thing about this chess trap is they gotta have some knowledge to fall for it.

    Like an 800 would not, but a 1200-1600might.

  4. I can jot believe you managed to get married without talking to her. Your calculations are on another level

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