Chess = Girls

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  1. I wouldn't want her talking to me sounding like that. That faccent is gross and would only sound decent with my D in her mouth to muffle that terrible type of voice she is using. zugg speak normal girl and then you have a chance to not be treated as a conveyor for dicks. Dont be meat ladies don't sound like her. Your welcome

  2. There is something comical about the cut from that video. It encaptures you because you know that the "no" and then showing chess means it's gonna be the most nerdy chess opening ever.

  3. man looks like an artist… possibly failed… uhhh drinks Starbucks every day definitely pays for a gym membership but does not use it (just what he looks like) also wears a scarf

  4. Chess = Girls is officially true

    About 4 months ago I started to play chess again on my phone and a couple weeks later I got a girlfriend and im still playing chess and we are still together.😂😂😂

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