Chess = Girls

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590 Комментарии

  1. levy abusing this meme til it becomes cringe like he's doing with the rook meme and the stare meme.

  2. “has a girl ever talked to you?”
    levy: “*no*”
    me: does me talking to me in a mirror count?

  3. Girl: Spends your money
    takes a lot of energy
    can't do en passant

    Chess: Free
    Just needs a small bit of energy
    Can do en passant

  4. What is the violin song in the background. I shazamed it but it just gave me a meme song to a song named lizzy xx please help

  5. I'm saying this one and I'll say it again. Gotham is either fixing my youtube algorithm or making it much much worse.

  6. Someone: this is the year guys, we’re all getting girlfriends

    Levy: I don’t need a girlfriend I have chess

  7. Bad News

    Levy said that girls don't talk to him, but the title of video is girls = chess. This means that chess doesn't talk for itself & doesn't talk to Levy. 🥺

  8. Girl played her opening, Valentines opening. Ugh, i’m not falling for her trap and getting forked with 3 other guys for her.

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