Hans Niemann Cannot Believe This Happened #shorts

One move can change everything!! 🥹

Video: ChessBase India

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590 Комментарии

  1. I don’t understand why I dislike the way this guy acts…. Like ik he hasn’t done anything to me but w I see him I dislike him more and more

  2. For those who don't understand, any move of white leads to mate because black queen gives mate on "g6" square

  3. For anyone wondering what happened, he was low on time so when his anal beads were vibrating the right move he didn't have time to feel the whole answer so being the 1200 he is he made a king move a beginner would make losing him the game

  4. Thats the problem whith Hans. He loose concentration from time to time. If he does not work on that he would not get to the top.

  5. I think it's actually better now that he only brush it off with a laugh. Before, he's like going in tantrums after such blunder

  6. This motherfucker needs to change his name from "Hans" to "Hangs" with all these checkmates he blunders.

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