Hans Niemann’s Rook BLUNDER #shorts

Rook Spoke for Itself 😊

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Full game:

Video: ChessBase India

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187 Комментарии

  1. Vahap 🇹🇷 aslanım benim gururumuzsun daha çok çalış dünyada ülkemizi temsil et sana guveniyoruz

  2. How can he make blunders over the board, but have a 100% score playing at home online? Strange….

  3. Guy in glasses came prepared with Anti-Radio transmitter which confuses opponent beads. If any

  4. Wow! I accidentally watched too much short vids about Han's blunder this week. What happened to the vibration thing?

  5. I understand his mental might’ve been shot, but this game wasn’t necessarily over. I think if he sacked the Bishop going f8, he might’ve been able to win with time (if his opponent isn’t careful) but at least play more of the game out (considering he had an active queen). Thoughts?

  6. Видимо геморрой, нет возможности дальше жужжать.

  7. Very bad behaviour from Hans. He should be disbarred. No courtesy, doesn't even setup the board. He is so arrogant. I hope he keeps losing in such a way always.

  8. To the people claiming he "didn't even set up the board". It's customary for the winner to set up the board. I don't really like Niemann, but to be fair, he didn't do anything wrong.

  9. At least his opponent showed enough respect for the game and started resetting his pieces…

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