Hans Niemann’s worst ever blunder😂#hansniemann

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  1. Hans looks like the guy on the news that got a chair thrown at him and grabs that other dude

  2. And I’m supposed to believe this is the guy that smashed magnus twice ._.

  3. It's not about do the giniest move, it's about to make your opponent do the dumbiest move

  4. Hans Niemann : 😀😃😄😁😏
    The opponent : 😐😐🙄🙂‍↕️😁

  5. Ha ha same my mistake last tournaments same position I gona win and one blunder mate 🥳🥳🥳

  6. That's not mate in 2, that's mate in 1 😅 wherever Hans goes, black will instantly mate him

  7. Someone blundered in a very similar way against Giri. Also walking into a simple mate in a completely won endgame, with queens on the board. I can't remember the name. Won games can be hard to win even for top GMs, when the pace is fast. One slip up and it's over. It usually doesn't work that way in most sports — typically if you're already way ahead (like in football or basketball, or baseball, or whatever), you can't lose immediately even if you do something stupid. But that's chess for you. It's more like boxing or MMA in this regard, where a sudden knockout after a mistake is possible, and then it doesn't matter how well you've been doing until that point.

  8. Theres no way a player like this can beat Carlsen in classical chess without cheating

  9. Bruh.. I immediately saw it after Qc1.. Han's got excited for his win and blundered..😂😂

  10. How do they see it so quickly? Like I understand they are skilled but it’s like the calculation that he’s lost is done instantly.

  11. YouTube algorithms:
    Hikaru pretending to be Dubov complaining about everyone cheating.


    Hans Nieman clip😂

  12. When he smiled and got exited he moved a little bit and deactivated the butt plug, big mistake it was too early 🤣

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