He did it AGAIN!

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  1. This is the first time after months of learning chess that it felt intuitive to solve a puzzle. It literally felt like the first time I rode a bike again 🥲

  2. I thought qg4 trapping the queen threatening the fork the queen can’t go to any square but the king just moves

  3. I hate to be that guy, it's a cute variation but this isnt optimal. Three pieces for the queen and a pawn in compensation for black.

    I put stockfish on for the starting position and Rad1 is a superior variation at around + 8 compared to this being + 3. This is still objectively winning but highly inaccurate and possibly unclear at a human level

  4. Qe3 looks devastating to me with double threat of 1. Bh6+ covering the dark escape squares and 2. Ne6+ winning the Queen. If the king moves back we can play Qb3+ and then the knight fork. If queen moves along the file we can attack it with the rook. Once the queen is not guarding e6 we can play Bh6+ and Qe6#.

  5. Me who though of sacrificing the bishop and Qh3 but didn’t look where the king could go

  6. Alright,
    Bh6+ . Kxh6
    Qh3+ . Kg7
    Ne6+ (forks the king and queen)

    If Bh6+ . Kxh6
    Qh3+ . Kg5
    Pf4+ . Kxf4
    Yea these are the lines that i saw if Bh6 after pausing the video Zach!

  7. Okay. I am 800 elo and i somehow still sloved this lmao. I think im getting better every day!

  8. The second one was not checkmate. And black ends up with two bishops and a knight versus a queen and a pawn.

  9. As someone who's starting not to blunder his queen and begning to play normally. Can anyone tell me how to master an opening and thier variations

  10. If u think about it. Is it possible to make it so u can’t pick an agent if u play enough games? Like especially if u use a new acc

  11. This was the first time i actually solved it… Partially. I saw the bishop move but i guessee the wrong queen move. I actually got something on.

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