hikaru offers a draw,and opponent says nop

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  1. This is just a textbook draw, don’t know why some low elo players are talking in the comments about a win

  2. keep in mind Q vs 7th rank pawn in a, c, f, and h files are forced draw (with some exceptions, but not in this game)

  3. For god's sake ! This "war" music behind a chess vid !! It doesn't help concentration..

  4. I think it's understandable that black continued to play. First of all, it's only black who can hope for a win. The position is a draw, but it takes good technique. Second of all, this is not classical, so it's not like he's wasting time or sth. Black just has nothing to lose so he plays on.

  5. Please correct me if i am wrong what if the opponent would have use king to help out Queen

  6. Hikaro angry becouse his opponent don't no simple rule of endgame, I can win This end

  7. Increíble, pero si las negras fácil, es teórico. Enfrenta dama con rey dando jaque y cuando éste termine colocándose delante del peón es cuando acerca su rey poco a poco.

  8. какой дурааак, у чёрных выиграло, вроде 😅

  9. Black is winning, I tested it with stockfish. The GM Hikaru was playing against must have been tired…

    Bc, even I, elo 900 found the winning move.
    It happens guys, we are all humans 🙂

    Edit, me and stockfish got humbled. Withe's King a8 is the drawing move. No way to win tempo and stop the promotion for black. Still stockfish said -1,5 at one point. So maybe there was a hidden combo somwhere

  10. Preciso me paso eso ayer y gane me demore pero lo hize
    Solución : Rb-b8 — desde c6 a Rn-b6 si rey mueve a a-8 entonces Rn-c7 comiendo el peón claro da empate por rey ahogado pero si mueve Rb-c8 entonces avanzas el rey negro y así hasta poder poder comer el peon con el rey negro y la reyna alejada para no ahogar el rey blanco no les mentire esto es demorado

  11. İt is draw because that is bishop pawn so there is a one chance to win if king was close, but in this game king is at 1 block away to hold winning. So it's a draw.

  12. Actually it's not a draw . Theres a trick which many less player know and obviously if hikaru had queen at that moment he would have win easily

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