hikaru offers a draw,and opponent says nop

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  1. کجاش تساویه وضعیت عقب مونده ها وزیز g3 کیش شاه مجبوره بره f1 حالا شاه سیاه نزدیک میشه ب پیاده هربار ک شاه بخواد بیاد بیرون سیاه با کیش مجبورش میکنه با شاه خودش راه پیاده رو ببنده بعد شاه سیاه یه خونه نزدیک میشع و نهایتا با کمک شاه سیاه پیاده رو میگیره… این عقب مونده چجوری داره با ناکامورا بازی میکنه و نمیبینه وضعیت برنده رو

  2. Black had to win. For those who don't believe it, consider this position in any chess app.

  3. Мне одному интересно, почему нельзя вести короля?

  4. Its a draw, because white can go the the corner despite of hiding on c8 and blocking a pawn. Then, after Qxc8 its a stalemate. Its a blacks win ONLY when a king has no acces to the corner, like d8, e8 and f8.

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  6. I'm just learning chess.. can somebody please explain me why this ended in a draw? After the black queen took white pawn at C7 it could have been taken down by White King at B8 since King can move one square any direction with the condition that the move should not put the king on check…there was only a King of black at E4 so there is no chance of the King coming under check by the black King at E4 please explain me chess experts!!!😢😢

  7. For people commenting “just accept the draw!” … let’s be real, you’d keep playing and do the same thing. Low time can make you blunder and black has nothing to lose by playing on

  8. Black could’ve won when queen was on c6 and king on b8 and was black’s turn, the queen could go on b6 instead of b5 and that will force the white king to move in front of the pawn at c8 then the black king is free to move

  9. كيف حصل على الأفضلية مع ناكامور وهو لا يجيد ابسط مات هههه موقف غريب

  10. Это называеться слоновая пешка, на шахматной жаргон, ничья в любом случае.

  11. No its a winning for black i think as I has seen a game in which the queen gives check and when the king blocks the pawns way he should move his king

  12. When blacked played Qb5+White played ka7Then black should have continued like this:Black: Qc6White has only option to save his pawn: Kb8Black: Qb6+White: Kc8 (or else he will lose that pawn)Then black can push his king towards the pawn and gradually win that pawn and game

  13. Как такой позиция можно играть на ничью.Белые должны выигрывать

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