INSANE Gukesh vs Magnus Carlsen Game!🔥 #gukesh #magnuscarlsen

Video: ChessBase India

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45 Комментарии

  1. I am always fan of Gukesh 😊😊😊
    Gukesh is only conditate who able to beat Magnus
    So Magnus saved himself 😅

  2. Magnus is a genius but gukesh is a upcoming best mastermind that chess had in entire history❤

  3. I think its magnus's responsibility to play, the way anand plays at his age. He quit defending the title, because he cant be challenged anymore and feels chess is boring, but he should play, because by playing him the future generation of chess will learn. Its his responsibility, to ensure his knowledge of chess doesnt go in vain.

    He may become an amazing coach in the future and carry his legacy, but learning from an opponent and learning from a coach is always different. The likas of Gukesh Firouja and all deserve to be able to challenge magnus and improve.

  4. The expression was like
    Gukesh: Magnus, would you like to be my second against Ding Liren ?
    Magnus: Probably, but you are strong enough to beat him yourself

  5. Nh5 is not fried liver attack it's knight attack. Fried liver attack when pawn exchange is done by knight recapture

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