Is the Vienna Gambit a Good Opening?

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  1. Grandmasters NEVER play this opening since at most what you'll get is a draw. And you always try to play for the win with white pieces. but as long as you are lower than 1600, this opening works jus fine

  2. This is not a video about the Vienna gambit. It's about showing off his cool chess board😂

  3. my fav opening till about 1400. After that you can be put in a bad place by people who know how to counter it

  4. actualy CF6 is the third/fourth most play move… And it's the only move from black that make vienna "agressive" openning… otherwise it's slow as fk.

  5. So this video is about how to play the Vienna Gambit, and not about discussing whether it's a good opening. Change the title, please.

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