Levy Wants To Host The Next World Championship

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  1. That would be the BEST host chess has EVER seen "And he sacrifices….the ROOOOOOOOOK"

  2. Imagine levy saying at the world championships

    He sacrificed the ROOOOOOKKK!!!!🗿

    Edit:- i have never got this much likes … thankyou gyzzzzz

  3. U can actually do it by the time next championship comes because of your rapid growth

  4. Hey levi if you host the next chess tourney it is going to be the best tourney so far (love)

  5. Levy is the best chess commentator hands down. Maybe not for old people but definitely for people under 30

  6. ngl I couldn't imagine a host more exciting than levy, I might just watch champs for him

  7. Levy, you have a moral fucking obligation to screech "THE ROOOOOK!" during the championship if the opportunity ever arises. Queen, bishop, knight, we can let it slide, but "THE ROOOOOK!" Has to happen

  8. I dont know what he is doing, why did he move into check? Is this a weird new gamemode?

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