Magnus Carlsen Doesn’t MESS Around! #shorts

The reaction at the end 😂

Video: ChessBase India

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213 Комментарии

  1. When you buy the VIP front row tickets for the match but it starts to rain and the match gets cancelled😂

  2. For the ones who don't know Magnus had a bad stomach ache and was in the bathroom all the time at the start his opponent knew he wanted to draw because he had to go to the bathroom so he understood the assignment and rather take the draw then the loss. A draw against Magnus is a win in most peoples books.

  3. Magnus is going for a draw, I would do the same if my opponent keeps repeating especially if they can't think up any other move in that position.
    Why not go play someone more interesting.

  4. I am shocked that magnus play a respectable game no water bottle gambit no time gambit no trash opening no piece adjusting how???

  5. “Why not?” What most of us will probably say if magnus offers us a draw

  6. Rumours had it he had to take a shit, and if the legend is true he should still be sitting at that toilet

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