Magnus Carlsen Doesn’t MESS Around! #shorts

The reaction at the end 😂

Video: ChessBase India

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202 Комментарии

  1. Nepo no aguanto la risa porque de antemano ya habían acordado tablas antes de empezar la partida

  2. I can't wait to see their game in real life, they are brilliants among brilliant players.. let's sit tight and analyze every movWhat?!

  3. por mais que seja ruim isso, a ameaça do cavalo entrando pela ala da dama na sequencia fica meio chato

  4. uncle be like .. bought ticket but finished as short movie with no end ! 😆😁😁😁😁

  5. Nepo : do we opponents?Carlsen : no we are business partners…organization pays we both to draw a game and audience is customer

  6. Not just magnus but Nepo also. And Nepo's face expressions are always hilarious.

  7. Chess is a launguage only those people who knows that launguage vil know wts going on😅😅😅

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