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590 Комментарии

  1. Bullshit. Of course Magnus can see any number of moves ahead, but the endgame draw is an already known position.

  2. I mean not that impressive as he has more impressive games. He knows endgame theory on a super high level which is honestly one of his cardinal skillset but this board is not complicated to pull off a draw. He is only down one major piece. He just saw that opponent's bishop will be useless for the endgame and tried trading. Even a 1600 can think of it with the same logic by looking at the board and with some luck he can push the game to a draw.

  3. Update log: we see that people have been complaining about magnus so we have given him a major buff!

  4. If he saw 30 moves in the future, he doesn't get draw mate. I think he just predicted what his opnd wants to do and counter it!!

  5. I’m stupid or at the last move the whites (Carlsen) has imposible to draw? Any move he could make was a check-mate, isn’t? (I don't know much about chess, sorry) Can anyone explain why is a draw?

  6. 'Magnus did one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen'

    I call HUGE cap on that.

    You are making him sound like he is doing something revolutionary. He just traded into an endgame that is widely known as a draw.

    I think every player above 2000 could have managed that.

    Except he literally didn't. He just knew the concept. Probably just needed to calculate like 5 moves at the very most.

    I think Levys content has turned into something that only people sub 1000 can even take seriously. And the amount he screams around adds sub 16 years to that.

  7. Bro someone named KILLA_chrisYT is blatantly stealing ur shorts so uhyeah

  8. Magnus is a goat. However, this special example only needs to calculate 5 moves and then you know that the materials on both sides and the side pawn must end in a draw..

  9. Can someone explain how this is a draw? Because when I look at it at the end isn’t magnus the one who can’t move to any spaces at all?

  10. We are really blessed to live in this golden era… As we are watching legends like messi ronaldo magnus hikaru make legend in front of our own eyes

  11. I was playing chess with a friend once, thought I was absolutely slaughtering him. Than suddenly it came to this point, he explained me what a forced draw was and I was utterly disappointed xd

  12. Too bad he only decided to look 30 moved into the future when he was losing when he could have done it at the start to actually have a chance to win

  13. Well the only thing I know from your older shorts you said pawns on the edge of the board against a king will result in a draw

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