Magnus smiles after drawing a winning position against kramnik !! 😮‍💨 #magnus #chess #shorts #blitz

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  1. when have on them clock 11 sec for kramnik and 12 sec for magnus in Kramnik turn, why kramnik doesn't took the pawn on h3 with the rook, magnus traid rooks, and than its must to be draw finally…

  2. Carlsen sabía que debió de ganar,esa sonrisa ummm,más bien es la cólera que lleva dentro por no lograrlo

  3. Ay, la manera de perder ese peón esa muy común. Creo que debió meter a su rey entre sus peones y abriste paso con la torre. Peligroso por un posible mate, pero necesitaba avanzarlos.

  4. Magnus couldn't win. It's draw from the start. I check with stockfish (depth 99) and as surprising as it is, it's impossible for white to win.

    When I say impossible, I of course mean against grand masters. For most players, they would have lost with black.

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