mate in one for white 😱😎👽 can u spot the move😎😱 ?? #shortsfeed

mate in one for white 😱😎👽 can u spot the move😎😱 ?? #shortsfeed
#chesspuzzle #chesstactics










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  1. promote the pawn to knight, the other knight gets king at c6 and d7, the pawn promoted to knight gets him at c7 the bishop marks e7 and c5 and the king gets him at e6 and e5. Checkmate

  2. Very rare where you want to promote to a piece other than a queen. I have only seen it in puzzles, never in a game and I have played thousands.

  3. Promote pawn into knite. Doublle check by bishop & knite. Black Rook unable to cut.

  4. جصان f7 😮 . الحصول على الرخ و تأمين ضد أفضل نقلة للأسود و هي كش في نفس الوقت و وقت لبدأ الضغط على الوزير

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