Playing Chess VS Girlfriend? #chess #shorts

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  1. В чём суть? Она же может предотвратить шах

  2. She can kill that soldier by her King, when the soldier come near to him.. Might be possible that she don't know how to play chess game

  3. зачем отходить из под пешки, когда ее можно забрать, объясните ей правила сначала

  4. This trap isn't good enough for humans but little bit good for bots in easy or may be normal level … this girl is too much dumb that she even know how to make defence … and may be she learned how to move pieces just an hour or day ago ….. but she is dumb anyway

  5. Can someone tell me at 0.25 why she did not killed that pawn and made the king to move forward?????

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