Queen Is Stuck!!

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  1. Said it once, will say it again: everyone was scattering around because of that Karen while the general manager was hiding in another room.

  2. Do you know the players who played this game? Because I swear this looks like a game I played recently.

  3. I actually don't look forward to getting to the point where can't play and win without a queen

  4. Can't believe Levi commented the whole game while his hotel was in earthquake, props to him 👏

  5. Sac A8 rook, takes c3 pawn. C2 pawn takes rook, queens then retake the new c3 pawn then mate? Idk how the A8 is a bad move.

  6. If I'm the opponent, after you move the bishop and knight, queen to e5 check, king on h7, then my knight on d5, then pawn cut the knight, then queen on e7 then f7 check king on h6 then rook on e6 then queen on f6 checkmate

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