Sacrificing, THE BISHOP! #shorts

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  1. basically, pawn takes bishop, queen takes pawn, king runs to h1, took goes to h4. checkmate

  2. as someone before me said, h3 saves some minutes. Black would probably play Bh4+, the white King can't go anywhere except h1 or h2… if it is h1, then Bxh3, bringing out the white square bishop and attacking the rook. A pretty good move for white (since they're not in check yet) is e5, launching a discovered attack on the queen, but that is worth almost nothing. Black plays Bg2+, not taking the rook because they would take my queen and giving a check instead. If Kg1 then Bxf3+. Only safe square is h2. At that point, black must check the king, otherwise white would take the queen, so it's Bg3+ (black square bishop). King runs to h3 and it's Qg4# or king goes back to g1 and it's checkmate in another few moves. (I think I've been watching too much GothamChess lately…)

  3. For those who dont understand: if pawn takes bg3, qg6 takes pawn check, king h1, and rh4 checkmate

  4. i think bishop gets captured by pawn, queen takes pawn, check, king moves to a1, rook moves to a4 and checkmate

  5. If pawn doesn’t take, Bishop takes pawn discovered check. If king takes bishop then Rh8#

  6. Pawn takes after that queen takes pawn and rook moved to a4 then it’s checkmate I think

  7. If pawn takes g3 then queen take g3. King legal move is h1 then took h4 ladder checkmate

  8. After pawn takes bishop on g3, Qg3 takes, then king goes to h1, then rook h4 is checkmate

  9. For guys didnt understand
    If he takes we take that pawn and he has no squares to escape exept h1
    So then u simply checkmate with ur rook move

  10. Scenario 1(e2x:g3): e2 captures the Bishop. The Black Queen recaptures, what is a check for white. The White King is Forced to escape to h1. Rh4 is checkmate.
    Everything is forced, that means that h2xg3 is a forced mate with no other possibilities (if Black don't Blunders)

    Scenario 2 (kh1): Black does Nothing (don't capture the Bishop)

    Black plays Kh1, white Bxh2 and the White king captures h2, Rh4 is mate.

    To avoid mate in this scenario (Kh1) i would play Rg1, if black captures the Rook (it doesn't matter what he uses) i would play a1xg1 (Rxg1). If he recaptures with Qxg1 or Bxg1, i would capture with Kxg1.

    You can also avoid a mate in this scenario with attacking the h2 square with Qc2 (now its not possible for Black mate White in this Position).

    Scenario 3 (Kg2): White moves the king to g2, Black plays Bxh2. If the king captures the bishop, Rh4 is mate.

    If black retreats the king with Kf2 black can escape. (The two rooks, the Bishop on d3 and the queen would help him)

    I would play Kh1, now black can't check, without losing pieces (because of the doubled Rook in the 1 Line, and the queen (the queen can Potentially help white with recapturing pieces).

    I would play h4. If Black plays Bxh4, i would play kh1, yes black could move the rook to g4 wich is a check plus a discovering check with the queen, but if your king is on h1 black can't mate you in this position because you could recapture everything with the two rooks)

    If Black doubles the rook with the queen, and you block with your rook, this would be checkmate for you. Because if black plays Rxg1, white can't recapture with the king. Kh2 is the only legal move and Qg2 is mate

    If black captures the pawn with Rxh4, you have two options, the 1st: you play Kg2 (escaping to a white square). If black plays Rh2 (check) your only legal move is Kg1 wich is a future mate (Black plays Qh5, now it doesnt mattet what u play, everything will be a mate (f.ex sacrificing the f1 Rook would lead white to an even faster mate (Rxf2, it doesn't matter what you play, Qh2#). If you don't sac the Rook black will just play Rh1, Kg2 F, Qh2#))

    2nd Option: Sacrificing you rook with Rf2 (its a forced sacrifice because otherwise black would ruin this almost-mate). Bxf2, Kxf2 Now the knig can retreat.

    If Black don't capture the Pawn, i don't fucking know how Black plans to mate me. Because if black moves the Bishop i could easily capture the Bishop. If black plays Bh2 i would just retreat the king with kf2 (Kxh2 would be mate (Kxh1, Rxh4#))

    I know my English is bad, i'm russian-german 😅

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