Sacrificing, THE BISHOP! #shorts

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  1. How he feels when he played this move:
    How I feel when I take a pawn with my queen without sacrificing it: 😎

  2. Explanation: Once the pawn takes the bishop, the queen can take the pawn putting white king in check, the only legal move for white is H1 and then rook to H4 is mate

  3. Bro I just did my first brilliant move and brilliant move chess edits with Magnus Carlson keeps popping up in my fyp

  4. recapture pawn with queen and the only square is in corner so he goes checkmate with rook.

  5. If white pawn takes bishop, queen black queen takes pawn which is check. He can only move to the corner, and then your bishop comes in and attacks the rook, and you can easily get a mate.

  6. He can't move becose the king was been checked by queen and he blocked his check can you pin me and give me a like?😢

  7. If he takes bishop with pawn, queen takes pawn on g3, king moves to h1, rook to h3 checkmate.

  8. Context: PB3 Taking bishop, QB3 Taking pawn and delivering check, KA1, RA4 Delivering checkmate checkmate checkmate

  9. Obviously i mean if there was nothing there it couldn’t have been your turn, dont you know how chess works?

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