This Chess Game ENDED IN 7 MOVES!

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  1. Yeah, as if the black would move his worst possible move 😂

    This comment is just a joke, no offense pls

  2. my dude, chess will say farewell to you if you keep throwing them like that😭👍

  3. Frankenstein Dracula.variation
    Excuse me bu what the hell is that

  4. Why black will take the pawn on e4 where white knight on c3 can easily take the knight

  5. Wait is queen f3 to b3 winning? Because the opponent have only 1 move and its pushing the pawn and then the bishop which will lead to checkmate

  6. I play the Vienna and have never heard of the Frankenstein Dracula variation maybe cuz I all ways play the gambit

  7. If you’re playing against an unfocused, somewhat bad opponent, use these moves to make an easy, short checkmate:
    King’s pawn to e4. (if your opponent moves his king’s pawn to e6, it won’t work.)
    If he won’t, play queen to h5. (If your opponent moves his knight to attack your queen or his pawn to attack you, this won’t work.)
    If your opponent makes other moves that aren’t threats, move your white square bishop to b5. (This is the same as the other 2.)
    If your opponent makes a move that doesn’t threat this, move your queen to f7.
    Takes pawn, checkmate.

  8. No player will make non sense move like Nxe4. This opening would only work in your dream. And king will go back to e8 for sure.

  9. You Can put the black queen in the middle so they don't get check and if you kill the queen the pawn is going to kill the white queen so that is not checkmate

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