Worst Move Possible

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  1. I suspect Frank is doing all the leg work behind the scenes and playing worse and worse games every day

  2. The way he says things makes you sit and watch and laugh your ass off for a simple chess game and I love it.

  3. So…. instead of Qg4+ why not just play Qe3# immediately?

    There's more than 1 consecutive bad move here.

  4. The rook move was to defend the pawn I think. Still incredibly dumb, dont think im defending him. But Im also wrong
    because his night was protecting it. Maybe a dumb 100.

  5. Even with the current dip in the financial Market am still excited i can smile back at my portfolio of $380,000 built from my months of weekly trade💯.

  6. your profile pic blocked the rook protecting the queen. so I snap made the wrong choice.

  7. Maybe he was thinking he wanted to bring the rook over to support the queen. I don't know I'm only 600's rated. So, I'm just guessing here. LOL!!!!

  8. didn’t black also miss an obvious mate in one the move before the video starts? basically the same mate that white blundered by moving down, but with fewer steps?

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